Friends' AGM & Financial Update - 2021

At the Friends’ Annual General Meeting for 2021 which took place on Saturday 20th March, the Friends’ Chairman Michael Hockney presented his report, the full text of which can be viewed here.

The Chairman of the Development Committe, George Lisle presented his report on the completion of the Development project. His report can be seen here.

The Hon. Treasurer, Danuta Tagg, further displayed a number of slides showing the Financial position up to 31st December 2020. The first document (click here) shows the financial summary for January to December 2020, and the second documant (click here) displays graphically the sources of income for the whole appeal from 2011 to 2020, the final year of the appeal.

The full minutes can be seen here. One significant item on the agenda was a discussion paper sent earlier to members of the PCC on the future of the Friends, bearing the recommendation “To close the Friends of St Andrew’s Church with effect from the 24th April 2021, the date of the St Andrew’s Church APCM, and transfer the remaining funds in the Friends’ bank account to the St Andrew’s Church Fabric Fund.

Subsequently, the Chairman proposed …

“that the Friends should cease to exist and that villagers who wish to support the use of their village church as a centre of the community should focus any financial contribution on the Regular Giving Scheme”

This motion was carried unanimously.