Development Plan

The Development Project will:

  • make the church a much more flexible and usable space
  • address vital issues to do with safety, accessibility and disability
  • bring the building up to a much higher standard of comfort
  • provide the facilities that will make its use a pleasure

In practical terms the project involves:

FLOORING – removing the various different floor levels in the nave, the main part of the church, and replacing them with with one floor level throughout the nave

HEATING – installing a new heating system throughout the building which combines effectiveness, unobtrusiveness, efficiency and economy

LIGHTING – installing a new lighting system which is flexible, adjustable, unobtrusive and highlights the architectural features of the church

SOUND SYSTEM – providing a flexible system for users and effective sound-reinforcement for listeners, including those with hearing difficulties

SEATING – enhancing the flexible use of the church for worship and for social activities by having interlocking, stackable oak chairs with a separate storage area for additional chairs

LIBRARY – creating a reading and study area with bookcases and seating, focussing on religion and philosophy and local history, heritage and archaeology for adults, teenagers and young children

FACILITIES – building an extension to contain a wc with disabled and baby-changing facilities, a kitchen, a meeting room/vestry and storage

EQUIPMENT – providing a digital projector and remote control, large projection screen, and folding exhibition stands with integrated lighting

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